2 days

coaching skills

Providing effective feedback and guidance is an important skill for anyone in a managerial or leadership role. Even where people do not have direct authority over others, people are finding that they need to rely more and more on others, including colleagues and team members. Being able to openly discuss how things are going and set down improvement plans is an important factor in the continued effectiveness of any team.

Participants in this program will learn some of the basics of the coaching model . Some of the important topics will include:

  • Opportunities for coaching
  • Coaching styles and Roles- adapting your coaching style
  • Inquiry skills – listening and encouraging open dialogue
  • Providing feedback and guidance without defensiveness.
  • Discussing problems without blame
  • How much coaching Vs. directing
  • Planning and managing coaching sessions

The focus of the program is to create as much opportunity to practice the skills of coaching. In order to do this, the program includes: brief lecturettes and demos explaining some key models and tools, video examples of the skills and role play exercises. The role plays are all created to reflect the needs and challenges of the client organization.

The program builds incrementally one skill area at a time, beginning with inquiry skills, then feedback and problem solving. During the last half day of the course, each participant will have the chance to conduct a full coaching session as a means of consolidating all of the previous practice skills.

This program has been delivered to a number of diverse organizations, including Canada Bread, Vale, Bombardier, Nutreco and The Law Society of Upper Canada.