2 days

enhancing pers. effectiveness

With constant challenges and a busy workload, it is becoming more and more important to build our personal effectiveness. This two-day workshop focuses on how we can communicate, manage conflict and resolve problems with co-workers, team members and customers.

This program will benefit individual contributors, managers, team leaders and professionals looking for ways to promote more productive problem solving and cooperation. Employees looking for effective ways to gain an upper hand over work demands, crises, and interpersonal conflicts  will find this program to be of value.

Participants will walk away with a number of important skills and practical tools, including,

  • Gaining control in an ever-changing environment
  • Engaging in blame-free problem solving; moving people from finger-pointing to positive collaboration
  • Understanding various conflict styles and selecting an approach that fits the situation
  • Asserting your point of view and manage your way through difficult and challenging conversations
  • Giving feedback and advice in ways that reduce defensiveness, and promotes buy-in
  • Finding common ground among disagreeing parties
  • Selecting among competing work priorities
  • Anticipating and working through problems and challenges before they become crises.


The program is interactive. Emphasis is on practical applications. The program includes self-awareness assessments, exercises and practice sessions that reflect real-life situations and challenges. 

This program can be delivered as 2 days back-to-back, or 2 days separated over time.