1/2 day

influenceWe are finding ourselves in work situations where more and more we are challenged to influence and persuade people over whom we have no direct control.  Asking a colleague for help, trying to get a person to do something differently, influencing your manager to support an idea or proposal are some of the many examples that we face daily, whether at work or in our personal lives.

This half day program provides a number of simple and practical tools that can be applied immediately. Some of the questions that this session addresses include:

  • What are the factors that will promote acceptance?
  • How can I build credibility for my proposals and ideas?
  • How to identify and discuss problems in ways that avoids fault-finding and defensiveness,
  • How can I communicate my requests or advice in ways that are  clear, assertive and promote  acceptance?
  • How can I manage discussions in ways that reduce defensiveness?
  • What can I do or say that will help find common ground when we disagree?


This program is very interactive and includes role plays and exercises that are customized to meet the needs of the participants.