1/2 day


We interact with people constantly. In the course of these interactions we often make judgments, such as “I wish he could be more like me”, or “I don’t know why she insists on doing it this way”. Everywhere we turn, whether it is in the work world or in our private lives, we are constantly bumping into others who think differently, solve problems differently and who have expectations different from our own. This can lead to both lively and productive interactions and sometimes frustrations and misunderstanding.

This half-day session is designed as a team building session based on the Myers-Briggs  (MBTI) theory of individual preferences. The session is specifically designed for use by a team interested improving its effectiveness and working relationships. Topics include

  • Gaining insight into personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Understanding how these influence a person’s approach to their work and working relationships
  • identifying ways of working more collaboratively, with fellow team members and external clients
  • Using the concepts to achieve more effective problem solving and decision making.

Depending on the needs of the team, it is possible to alter the focus on particular aspects, including communication, managing stakeholders, dealing with conflict and managing stress. This program has been used by a wide variety of clients, including General Electric, Toronto East General Hospital, The Ministry of Citizenship, The Ministry of Natural Resources, and Desjardins Financial, among others.