howweconstructWhile we offer preset stand-alone courses, we are able to quickly create a training course/workshop based on the specific needs of the client.

For example, suppose a team or department where there is a:

  • need to better understand and appreciate the diversity of the team
  • tendancy to finger-point and react to situations in a “not my problem” way
  • reluctance to approach fellow team members and others when there is a need to have an open conversation without creating defensiveness
  • lot of changes going on and the team could benefit from a greater sense of control (as opposed to feeling as victims)

In such a situation we may able to build a program, that is part training, part workshop, drawing pieces from our existing repertoire of programs. We would then create sequence or frame the topics in a way that build on each other for maximum learning and which would reflect the reality of the client organization. We would design the session and provide a detailed outline for the client, so that it could be modified or refined before the session takes place.

For many of the skills practice topics we already have a storehouse of case studies, and role-play situations that we can easily include or adapt to fit the situation. 

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