Providing facilitation services has been a cornerstone of our work for over 30 years. We design and facilitate a wide variety of sessions, including strategy development, business planning, and teambuilding.


Teambuilding is one of our core services.  In our work we can help teams achieve greater alignment, enhance their communication, decision making and collaboration.

 We can build the team sessions by utilizing tools such as pre-session surveys, personality style tools, such as Myers-Briggs™ and other activities that increase awareness and insights. In some cases we combine the teambuilding with “real work” where the team can practice what they have learned “live” on actual problems, strategy setting or planning.

Depending on the needs of our clients these sessions could be anywhere from a half day session on understanding team member styles to longer 1 and a half to 2 day Team Tune Up sessions to designed to help existing teams realign their purpose, and increase their level of collaboration. 

We also facilitate New Manager Assimilation sessions. These are half day sessions in whcih a new leader or manager meets with the team to quickly being the parties up to speed on expecatations, roles and desired working norms and practices. The informal dialogue created can be a major step in helping a new team or manager get off on a prodcutive relationship.

Strategy and Business Planning

In addition to facilitating teambuilding sessions, we also help plan and facilitate a large variety of meetings, including strategy planning meetings, project alignment sessions, problem solving workshops and conference hosting.


These are problem solving sessions designed to fully engage employees in a collaborative problem-solving effort. Work-Out was originally developed at General Electric and since adopted by a large variety of organizations interested in eliminating bureaucracy while at the same time increasing employee ownership over how to improve their work. In recent years Work-Out has become a useful tool under the banner of continuous improvement. For additional information on the Work-Out process, check our Resources section.