If you are considering any changes –  the introduction of Lean Six Sigma, a new technology, or any other important project, we offer a set of services that can help ensure that changes proceed on a solid footing.

In addition to helping on the technical, problem solving side of change we believe in a strong emphasis on the people side – helping employees and stakeholders buy into the change and getting engaged in positive ways.

Our approach involves a number of connected building blocks.

1. A Practical Set of Tools.

 The foundation for our work is the Accelerating Positive Change Model and Toolkit. This is a proven set of tools designed to focus managers and project leaders on ways to address both the technical and people issues. For some additional background on our approach to change, check out our Resources section.

2. Designing A Road Map

Helping our clients design the most effective way to proceed on a new initiative. This can include advice on how to how to select the best places to begin a change initiative, diagnosing current capabilities  and how to properly merge the technical and people aspects.

3. Building Skills

In order to best build capability in working the plan, we offer skills-based training to key employees or teams. The training is always designed to fit the context and needs of the client. In every case, the client’s training will apply the various tools and techniques directly to their project or initiative. This way the training is not isolated from the real work.  There are a number of skills programs that may help, including,

  • Managing and Influencing Change – the Accelerating Positive Change Model, and tools. Communicating in ways that promote understanding and working with stakeholders for increased buy-in.
  • Process improvement tools and techniques – performance measures, process and value stream mapping, data collection and analysis, evaluating solutions, control planning.
  • Facilitation skills – how to plan and facilitate effective project or steering committee meetings
  • Influencing – how to manage expectations, negotiate with stakeholders, give feedback and coach, building trust and credibility.

For additional details on some of these programs, check our Courses section.


4. Coaching & Facilitation Support

We also provide on-on-one or group coaching to project team leaders or others to help them overcome specific challenges or questions they may encounter. This coaching could also include designing and facilitating specific planning or problem solving sessions, where the client believes there is a need for an objective 3rd party facilitator.

Throughout this work, our intent is to transfer capability and knowledge as quickly as possible. Our approach is focused on sharing our best advice and best practices but also taking a highly facilitative approach, so as to build strong client ownership and capability.