2 days

Managing change

Successful change depends on two important aspects – the technical or problem solving element and the people element.  While most people concentrate on the technical or functional side of change, much research has shown that it is the people side that is critical for success. 

The program focuses on the development of an “influence strategy” that will promote acceptance to change among employees and other key stakeholders. This is a practical, hands-on program, which emphasizes the “what” and the “how” of managing change.  In applying the Accelerating Positive Change Model to a "live" (or potential) project, participants will be able to: 

  • Understand what creates successful change
  • Identify supportive leadership behaviours and understand how those leading the change can be more effective role models
  • Build the case for change by developing clear and compelling messages to influence acceptance among key stakeholders and groups
  • Create tangible and motivational pictures of how the successful change will positively impact the work of those whoa are impacted by the change
  • Identify the sources of resistance to change and be able to map out an influence strategy to create greater levels of buy-in and  comittment
  • Identify and enhance key structures and processes to ensure the long-lasting viability of the change.


This program has been the cornerstone of our change management skill building and has been delivered  to a wide variety of organizations, including Maple Leaf Foods, Noranda (now Xtrata), Becton Dickson, Nike, CN, Cara Foods, among others.