2-4 days

project leadershipResearch indicates that many of the challenges of successful projects come not from the technical side, but rather an inadequate attention to team dynamics, stakeholder needs, the management of expectations and the negotiation of roles, resources and scope.

 This course will be of interest to anyone interested in initiating and carrying out projects where there will be an emphasis on both the technical side as well as the people side.

While this program also looks at a number of basic project management tools (scheduling, scoping, resources), a key emphasis is on building skills in managing the people and stakeholder aspects.  Some of the specific topics include:

  • Project success factors – using a “pre-flight” project checklist
  • Creating and setting up for team success
  • Initiating a project charter
  • identifying  and defining the problem or opportunity: creating the business case
  • Establishing team and project roles
  • Scoping – identifying what’s “in” and what’s “out” of the project mandate
  • Defining project tasks, activities, resources and schedule
  • negotiating project scope, resources and support
  • Understanding and managing stakeholder needs and issues


While the program is most effective when offered in a 4 day format, it can be modified to fit a 2 or 3 day format, depending on the topics of greatest need.