1/2 -1 day

Work-Out“Work-Out” is a powerful productivity and empowerment methodology originally developed by General Electric to help groups of employees confront bureaucracy and inefficient processes. The Work-Out process has been applied to a wide variety of customer satisfaction, issues resolution and process improvement needs across a very wide range of organizations, including government, non-profit and private sector.

Examples of issues addressed by Work-Out have included:

  • improving yields
  • reducing turn around time for approvals
  • increasing accuracy and efficiency of  the order cycle
  • identifying ways to improve the merchandizing of a product
  • improving the quality of handoffs in the marketing process
  • creating solutions to reduce risk of accidents


Work-Outs are similar to Kaizen, except that Work-Outs tend to be bottoms-up (employee driven), has applications beyond manufacturing, and result in very quick approvals through a “town hall” format.

This session provides an overview and familiarization of the Work-Out method. Participants are introduced to the Work-Out model by means of a mini simulation and then learn how to operationalize Work-Out. Some aspects covered by the program include:

  • The Work-Out process:  how it works, when to use it, when not to use it. How it can support Lean/Six Sigma and other process improvement approaches.
  • How Work-Out can influence culture change and influence managers to become more empowering.

We have been very active in helping organizations utlize this method, either as a stand-alone process or as part of a larger continuous improvement program. Some of the many organizations we have helped have included Voith Hydro, The Ontario government, various hospitals, Vincor International, Bombardier, FAG Bearings and the many businesses of General Electric.